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Travel Outside School Holidays

Here the demand is not that great and you can save up to 50% of the price.

Be open to the choice of the departure airport. You may be lucky that your wish trip is cheaper from an alternative airport than the one closest to, or maybe there is room on the journey that the nearest departure airport sells out on.

Travel alternatively from Germany or Sweden. In Germany, Hamburg can be a cheaper alternative to a Danish departure airport. You can also book your trip with advantage via a charter company in Sweden, which often offers a departure from Copenhagen.

Find more destinations to find the cheapest flights. If necessary, make a list of your holiday requirements and select the destinations that meet these requirements.

Save time with a travel search engine. At you can search prices across the various travel agencies, departure airports, and destinations. At the same time, you can compare prices between charter flights and package tours with scheduled flights.

Get easy monitoring of the prices of selected destinations – create a free agent. You will receive a daily mail with an overview of the lowest prices on your favorite travel destinations.

Choose All-inclusive, where you get all meals and most often all drinks included in the price of the trip. That way, you get better control of your holiday budget and at the same time a more relaxing holiday.

Compose Your Sun And City Break

If more interests in the family must be satisfied, you can also choose to combine a city break with sun and beach holidays — lovely beaches in the town itself or close by. If you decide to travel by scheduled airline, you can often get cheap flights with low-cost airlines to these destinations.

We hope you have got some great tools, so you are better off looking for the perfect vacation and wanting an unforgettable holiday when you come so far.

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